ITA Series
Applicable loads:
Small IDC room, network room, office terminal,
ser ver,workstation, communication node
equipment, lab equipment, monitoring instrument
and automatic control equipment.
Office space, key terminal, 3G indoor coverage
system and ATM terminal.

■ Double-conversion online design, no interruption when AC mains fail
■ Super-strong output overload and short-circuit capacity, ensuring system stability
■ DSP full-digital control with high output voltage precision
■ Use the latest IGBT components to withstand big fluctuation of input mains voltage
■ Standard input anti-surge circuit with strong mains surge resistance
■ Input power factor is up to 0.99 with high electric energy utility rate
■ Comply with EU ROHS directives and the materials manufacturing processes are free of poisonous substances
■ Adjustable speed intelligent fan with speed reduced at half
load, effectively saving energy and reducing noise
■ Electromagnetic compatibility and safety certification meets international standards
■ Up to 0.9 output power factor and can power 20% more loads than other ordinary UPS
■ High system efficiency, intelligent fan design, power saving and low operational cost
■ Angle of the display panel can be adjusted freely according to different ways of installation
■ Multiple AC output modes, GB/IEC standard/terminal strip, convenient for direct use of
equipment plugs of different models
■ Standard built-in battery, online replacement and maintenance available
■ Output compatible with 220/230/240V ac and 50/60Hz, with excellent flexibility
■ Backup time can be prolonged through cascaded connection
■ Provide the latest USB monitoring interface
■ Provide SIC card that can acquire environmental data
■ Host computer software supports various operating systems such as Windows/ Linux/ HP-UX/SunSolaris/IBM AIX
■ Be compatible with Emerson monitoring platform of Site Monitor and support Web monitoring
■ Provide Mib database so the UPS can be connected to all kinds of NMS systems
■ Support auto-shutdown function of the server
■ Extra-wide input voltage/frequency range effectively reduces the discharging times of the
battery and prolongs the battery life
■ Extra strong charging capability effectively reduces the battery re-charging time
■ Support regular battery Perfect energy saving and environmental self testing

Capacity Range:1KVA,1.5KVA,2KVA,3KVA,5KVA,6KVA,10KVA,20KVA
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