DataMate3000 Series
DataMate3000 S series precision cooling units for base stations are developed specially for outdoor communication stations and small communication rooms. Designed with advanced and scientific methods and under the most strict lab test, the units feature high efficiency, stable and reliable operation and long lifespan.

ƒ. Communication base stations
ƒ. 3G base stations
ƒ. Small outdoor equipment rooms
ƒ. Microwave/satellite ground stations
ƒ. Small and medium-sized computer centers

Energy Saving
ƒ. Suitable for base stations, providing constant and stable operating environment for telecom equipment
ƒ. High energy-efficiency of cooling system
ƒ. Unique optional configurable economic mode
ƒ. Optional energy-saving card available
Space saving
ƒ. Small foot-print, 100% front access
Easy operation and maintenance
ƒ. Maintenance-free design for daily operation
ƒ. Automatic startup at power-on, and delay startup is settable
ƒ. Standard RS485 monitoring interface
High Adaptability
ƒ. 24×365 operation with high stability
ƒ. Flexible master/slave function for automatic switching and alternative operation
ƒ. Excellent adaptability: Standard condenser configuration adapts to -15°C -+45°C outdoor temperature with constant cooling guaranteed and heating not affected by the outdoor environment. Condensers adaptive to even lower outdoor temperatures are also available. Equipped with the low-temperature condenser, the cooling unit can adapt to the outdoor temperature range of -34°C - +45°C, meeting the cooling requirements of Northern area in winter.Equipped with dual lightning protection devices for power supply and communication circuits, ensuring reliability and safety

  DataMate3000 series include Air, Chilled water types ,Capacity range from
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