Widely Used Liebert.PEX Air Conditioning Unit

IDC and communication room
Medium-large computer room
UPS and battery room
Industrial control and precision manufacturing equipment
Precision lab and detection room

Nowadays, there are more and more various kinds of network-related businesses,and the loss due to one business interruption is more and more heavier. Therefore,we need to put more efforts and supports in basic infrastructure construction. The
environmental basis for safe operation of equipment has raised more attention for us.Liebert.PEX Precision Air Conditioning Unit is designed for electronic equipment of high sensible heat ratio, so it not only can provide the environment of ideal humidity and temperature (temperature: 20°C-25°C, RH: 40%-55%), but also can prevent the big fluctuation of room temperature under different operating conditions.
The Liebert.PEX: More Than A Single Energy
Efficient Component

The efficiency of the Liebert.PEX is engineered into the product. Each component that goes into the Liebert.PEX is careful y tested to ensure that it will contribute to its overall efficiency.Al  enhancements to energy efficiency are designed to reduce operating time of key components and increase the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).In addition to having components that are individual y engineered to provide the best efficiency, how these components work and interact with each other also contribute to the energy savings you get with the Liebert.PEX.
Features of Liebert.PEX
1. iCOM controller
The teamwork mode in the iCOM Controller feature ensures the optimum efficiency by
allowing multiple units to work together as a single system to optimize room performance.
2. Scroll Compressor
The efficient scrol  compressor is designed to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.Microprocessor-based controls intel igently determine operational requirements.
3. Infrared Humidifier
The Infrared Humidifier has been a feature on Liebert environmental control systems for over
25 years. Its high efficiency, rapid response and cleanliness has made it an industry standard in applications that demand precise, particle-free humidity control.
4 .Other Energy Saving Features
Fast dehumidification design
Large V type evaporator coil
Static regain duct design, which is good for air
distribution of under floor air flow unit
Outdoor speed regulation fan

PEX Unit has many kinds of air supply and cooling methods meets your 
specific needs .

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